Driver’s Risk Education

Informative DUI Risk Education
The purpose of DUI Risk Education (DRE) at Clinical Counseling Group & DUI Providers LLC is to provide you with information and education on the impact of alcohol and other substances.

You will gain a better understanding of what your personal relationship with substances, alcohol, and other drugs is.

Our team of reliable professionals will help you make positive life choices and reduce the probability of another alcohol- or substance-related issue.

Learn more about the risks to DUI drivers

If you have been arrested on a DUI charge, you will need to complete 10 hours of DUI Risk Education Program (DRE). Our professionals will educate you on a variety of issues such as:

The physical and psychological effects of alcohol and other substances
The progression of the substance using disorders
The social impact of alcohol and other substances on you and your family including traditional and nontraditional support systems
The legal impact of alcohol and other substances on you and your family and for a better understanding of the DUI laws, penalties, the court system, and consequence

Our DUI Drivers Risk Education course includes a minimum of 10 hours of classroom instruction, divided into at least 4 sessions.

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